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Sofa Cleaning Experts

Its recommended to clean your sofa and other upholstered furniture by a professional upholstery cleaning service once a year.

Even if your sofa looks clean it can harbour lots of germs and bacteria that the eye cannot see. Sofa cleaning is easy with Rug Care USA because we have experience in sofa cleaning for over 10 years.

We provide this sofa cleaning service because we know how much our customers care about maintaining their home clean and beautiful.

Our method of cleaning your sofa is hot water extraction aka "Steam Cleaning". We pretreat the spots and stains, brush to loosen and steam clean with hot shampoo and extract. After we clean your sofa it should take about 3 to 4 hours to dry.

Some upholstery cleans better and dries faster than others. For example a microfiber sofa will clean and dry much better than a cotton fiber sofa. Microfiber is basically a immitation suede but really last lon and cleans well. Suede also is a great fabric to have on your sofa or furniture but is much more expensive than a microfiber upholstered couch.

We can also clean your leather sofa like new again. We clean leather by hand and then finish with a hot water extraction. To maintain your leather sofa clean between professional cleanings you should wipe down weekley with a damp towel to remove dust and body oils.

We can also clean your dingy white sofa bright white again with a special formula we developed especially for cleaning white sofa material.

I hope this information has help you decide to use our service for all your couch cleaning needs.

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