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As of recently throughout the United States

As of recently throughout the United States, a highly talked and controversial topic has been prominent in altering the perspectives of many Americans. Racism has dated back to the early 1800s, becoming one of the most disputed issues in American history. More specifically, the prolonging concept of discrimination in sports has been a long term concern. Initially, in 1968, African American star athletes such as track runners John Carlos and Tommie Smith, each raised a fist during the playing of the national anthem, in protest to the current racial discrimination status at the time. The act of protest sparked and impacted further events to come.

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Dating in London

Finally, after about twenty minutes of indecision, thanks to the enormous number of benaughty reviews, we depended on dolmers and poultry and pistachio rice balls from a Lebanese (possibly?) Stall and goat's cheese and aubergine tartlets from another stall. We took down the picnic to a seat by the river and sat chatting in the shade, while London wilted at the thirty degree heat.

After we'd finished lunch we walked down to the Udderbelly Festival. This year the coral inflatable stage is tucked amongst trees woven with fairy lights and coloured lanterns.

Finally Towts showed me a Cuban Bar he had found whilst to the treasure hunt.....

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