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As a leading provider of carpet cleaning we take pride in offering the best carpet and rug cleaning service. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We have more than 20 years experience in carpet and rug cleaning. We do not send salesmen to clean your carpet only professional technicians providing excellent carpet cleaning services for a great value price. Our goal is your referral and repeat business.

Before we clean your carpet we will perform a pre-inspection of your carpet to be cleaned. When we finish cleaning your carpet we will do a post inspection to show you the final result in cleaning your carpet as to what if any stains were removed. We will also show you the dirty water that was cleaned from your carpet.

We also clean your Persian wool area rugs at your home. We will prevent your wool rugs colors from bleeding onto other colors. We steam clean Persian wool rugs everyday for a reasonable price with great results. Don't be fooled by the likes of Stanley Steamer Or Coit who will charge crazy high prices to clean your wool area rugs. We will charge about $0.50 per square foot to clean your Oriental expensive wool carpets which is about 1/4 of what those other carpet cleaning businesses charge.

The difference between steam cleaning carpet and dry cleaning is huge. A dry carpet cleaning service such as Chem-Dry proceedure is as follows. The vacuum your carpet first with a regular vacuum and sometimes need to use your because they dont haveone. next the spray a oxygenated solution on your carpet and go over it with a floor buffer that has a pad underneath it to basically wipe your carpet clean which is really not practical.  As you know carpet has a pile and when the carpet lays down it is impossible to clean the dirt underneath the carpet pile that is pressed down from the weight of the machine.

Our method that we will use to clean your carpet is "hot water extraction" also known as "steam cleaning". We pretreat all stains and then spray a high powered jet stream of hot water and shampoo into your carpet and EXTRACT with high velocity vacuums. After we clean your carpet it should be dry within 3 hours and usually about 2 hours to dry. We are a carpet cleaning service with expert technicians and no salesmen or hidden charges. We are also licensed and insured to clean your carpet and Persian area rugs.

We take pride in cleaning your carpets and area rugs and are proud to get your repeat business and referrals. = Carpet Cleaning

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